Screen Printing Shop Assistant

General Description:

This individual will assist the Operations Team and be trained in all duties regarding silkscreen press management and maintenance, off-press equipment cleaning, timely and accurate printing of all designs, correct ink fulfillment and mixing for all print orders, proper press settings for all designs, and ability to distinguish multiple print processes and their correct procedures. Candidate will be excited to learn about print process procedures and acclimated to a fast paced work environment.

Primary Job Functions:

Provide support to the Operations Team (Production Coordinator, Press Op., Asst. Press Op, Ink/ Screen Coordinator, and Shipping/Receiving Coordinator) to maintain print quality, efficiency, speed, and overall print-shop functionality, including:

·       Incoming shipment inventory

·       Filling inks

·       Pulling garments from press and dryer

·       Folding garments and reviewing for quality control

·       Final count outs and boxing up orders

·       Order shipment and communication of tracking numbers to customers

·       Learning various garment and print styles

·       Equipment cleaning

·       General screen printing and labor duties as needed

Dependent on operations/production needs, all employees may participate in: order count-in, order lay-out, dryer counts, order count-out, shipping/receiving, printing, pulling, loading, and ink mixing at various times during employment. All employees are responsible for recording & maintaining applicable Production Sheets and Logs.

Required Skills:

·       Ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment

·       Ability to move and lift up to 50-70lbs

·       Ability to stand for long periods of time

·       Ability to read, write and comprehend written or oral instructions,

short correspondence, and memos in English.

·       Ability to quickly perform simple mathematical skills

·       Able to manage and prioritize multiple responsibilities

·       Strong problem-solver


·       High School or Some College

Work Status:

·       Full Time, Hourly

Reports to:

·       Production Coordinator

Please submit cover letter and resume to: