Office Assistant

General Description:

This individual will assist in all duties establishing, organizing, and maintaining: bookkeeping, billing, purchasing, staffing, process & procedure, inventory tracking, business throughput, and customer service. Candidate will be highly skilled in problem solving/resolution, understanding of print process procedures, and acclimated to a fast paced work environment.

Primary Job Functions:

Provide support to Owner, Operations Manager and overall print-shop functionality. Office Assistant will be responsible for recording & reporting all financial activities such as creating and sending invoices to customers, maintaining accounts payable and receivable, organizing and maintaining the storage of all invoices & receipts physically & digitally, reviewing all job quotes for accurate invoicing and pricing, budgeting, and financial forecasting. Office Assistant will work hand-in-hand with outside Accounting firm, providing any and all information necessary for tax reporting.

Office Assistant will be responsible for establishing and tracking all purchases via purchase order system, tracking budget under/overspending in all departments, and research and develop known or unknown avenues for savings on purchasing.

Office Assistant will be responsible for creating job descriptions and posting for vacant positions, interviewing potential candidates, on-boarding all new employees (including but not limited to): completing all required state & federal tax and identification forms, reviewing the Shirt Outfitters. Process & Procedure Manual and Shirt Outfitters Employee Handbook. Office Assistant will also be responsible for communicating any policy, handbook, or process & procedure changes to all employees. Office Assistant will handle all employee disciplinary actions in regards to employee coaching, written warnings, & employment separation.

Office Assistant is expected enact and assist with process & procedure refinement or changes with Operations Manager to increase productivity, fiscal earnings, and human capital.

Office Assistant is required to establish and maintain inventory tracking system for all blank, printed, direct-to-retail, misprinted, and miscellaneous inventory; with the systematic purpose of quickly locating stock and the ability to comprehend profit/loss/breakage of inventory.

Office Assistant will work directly with customers establishing healthy relationships and assisting in the ordering process. Office Assistant will be responsible for contacting current customers and researching any forecasted needs, contacting past customers and renewing possible leads for print orders, and assisting any customer during the manufacturing process. It is the responsibility of Office Assistant, in the customer service role, to take accurate notes of all garment colors, print process and expectations, ink colors, imprint dimensions/measurements, ship-out & in-hands dates, customer contact information, and any special requests a customer may have.

Dependent on operations/production needs, employees may participate in: order count-in, order lay-out, dryer counts, order count-out, and shipping/receiving at various times during employment. All employees are responsible for recording & maintaining accurate information on applicable Productions Sheets and Logs.

Required Skills:

·       Strong understanding of Quickbooks software.

·       Strong understanding of business organization.

·       Strong technical and analytical skills.

·       Experience in problem analysis and conflict resolution.

·       Proven ability to function in a self-directed environment.

·       Must excel in a fast-paced, agile environment where critical thinking and strong problem solving skills are required for success.

·       Innovative thinker who is positive, proactive, and readily embraces change.

·       Ability to handle client requests, changes, and any communications professionally during all interfaces.

·       Strong written and verbal communication skills.


·       2+ Years of Business Administration


·       High School Diploma

·       2 Year Associate’s Degree

Work Status:

·       Full Time, Hourly

·       Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm


·       Position requires 0-15% travel.

Reports to:

·       Owner

·       Operations Manager

Please submit cover letter and resume to: