Shirt Outfitters takes care of all your screen printing needs. Our facility boasts top of the line MHM automatic presses to efficiently handle large and detailed runs along with a traditional manual press for smaller runs requiring a hand crafted touch.  Our sophisticated ink matching system allows for Pantone matching and customization.  We take great pride in delivering superior and dependable quality to our clients.

We have the ability to print on many types of products along with printing in many different areas on garments. Contact us for a custom quote.


The most common type of screen printing. Plastisol is formulated to achieve superior opacity and color matching accuracy. Spot colors can be Pantone matched using plastisol inks for specific color needs.  This type of ink allows for excellent coverage, opacity, and durability.


Water based ink is a special ink which soaks entirely into the fibers of the garment instead of sitting on top. This results in a soft, natural feeling print with a premium, high-end look. You will not feel the print at all. This is generally done on lighter color garments and is perfect for ‘vintage’ style designs.


Soft Hand plastisol inks are commonly used to accomplish a “vintage” style print without the need to alter your image. This process allows a small percentage of the apparel color to show through, creating an extremely soft, worn out look and feel.


Discharge printing uses a water-based ink, which once activated removes the shirt color and replaces it with your desired color. The ink entirely soaks into the shirt, giving you uniquely bright prints with no feel after the first wash. Discharge is best used on 100% cotton goods. When choosing a garment to use with this process, make sure it has been dyed with a reactive dye. Discharge can also be printed as a clear ink, which will remove the dye and leave the natural shirt color. When mixing discharge to match specific Pantones, please allow up to 15% color variance due to dyeing of the fabric.


Foil transfers are the way to go if you are looking for a bright mirror-like reflective surface. Foil is sealed on using a heat press after printing with a special adhesive glue on the shirt. This technique can be used for the entire design, or as a highlight to make one part of the design stand out. When designed well, foil can really take your shirts to the next level.


Metallic inks are a great way to make your shirt stand out. Add metallic and shimmer effects to your design to achieve a metallic look without the polished shine of a foil transfer. Use a hint of metallic ink to make your design “pop,” or print your entire design in metallic for a truly unique look.


Reflective ink is a plastisol-based ink with the unique ability to reflect once light hits the print. Popular uses for reflective ink are in construction and safety apparel. It can also be used as a unique application for an apparel graphic to help you stand out from the rest of the crowd.


Glow-In-The-Dark printing is as unique as it gets. The special effects ink is a pale yellow/green color, and works best as an overprint over white and other light colored inks. This can be printed as an accent over one section, or over the entire image. The final result will have a slight green cast.


Gel ink adds a glossy wet look to your design. Use of this ink can simulate liquid or give your design more dimension. Gel is transparent ink which is typically printed over another color, though it can be printed by itself for a unique clear effect.


Give some sparkle to your design. Tiny metallic flakes are printed in a clear base onto your design. Glitter is great as an accent piece or for the entire design.  Pantone Matching available.


Performance inks are used on sportswear garments containing 100% polyester or 100% nylon. These inks allow for more stretching, and bond with the shirt at a lower temperature. This leaves you with a print that will stand the test of time. Pantone matching is available for performance ink.


Our Hybrid printing process utilizes discharge ink to first remove the dye from the garment where your design will be printed.  This creates a light, almost white base area for the ink colors.  We utilize highly pigmented but extremely thin layers of plastisol color over the discharged base to produce a softness and brilliance second only to pure discharge prints. Pantone matching available.


CMYK, also know as four-color process printing, is the best choice for full-color graphics going on white garments. CMYK Process prints use at least 4 colors (Cyan, Yellow, Magenta, and Key[Black]) to achieve an extremely wide range of colors. The result is a bright, photorealistic image.


Want a full color soft print of your painting or picture? Simulated Process is the technique for you! This process uses an average of 5-10 colors, and makes use of blending and gradients to create a highly detailed, color-rich print.